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The ritual of the Exorcising-Ghost day is part of Tibetan tradition.

How To Know You Have a Spiritual Husband or Wife?

The temples and monasteries throughout Tibet hold grand religious dance ceremonies, with the largest at Potala Palace in Lhasa. Families clean their houses on this day, decorate the rooms and eat a special noodle soup called ' Guthuk '. In Christianity , exorcism is the practice of casting out or getting rid of demons.

In Christian practice the person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist , is often a member of the Christian Church , or an individual thought to be graced with special powers or skills. The exorcist may use prayers and religious material, such as set formulas, gestures , symbols , icons , amulets , etc. Protestant Christian exorcists most commonly believe the authority given to them by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit the Trinity is the source of their ability to cast out demons. In general, people considered to be possessed are not regarded as evil in themselves, nor wholly responsible for their actions, because possession is considered to be unwilling manipulation by a demon resulting in harm to self or others.

Therefore, practitioners regard exorcism as more of a cure than a punishment. The mainstream rituals usually take this into account, making sure that there is no violence to the possessed, only that they be tied down if there is potential for violence. In Catholic Christianity, exorcisms are performed in the name of Jesus Christ.

In Catholic practice, the person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist, is an ordained priest. The exorcist recites prayers according to the rubrics of the rite, and may make use of religious materials such as icons and sacramentals. The exorcist invokes God —specifically the Name of Jesus —as well as members of the Church Triumphant and the Archangel Michael to intervene with the exorcism.

According to Catholic understanding, several weekly exorcisms over many years are sometimes required to expel a deeply entrenched demon. From the 16th century onward, Lutheran pastoral handbooks describe the primary symptoms of demonic possession to be knowledge of secret things, knowledge of languages one has never learned, and supernatural strength. Baptismal liturgies in Lutheran Churches include a minor exorcism. Beliefs and practices pertaining to the practice of exorcism are prominently connected with Hindus. Of the four Vedas holy books of the Hindus , the Atharva Veda is said to contain the secrets related to exorcism, [15] magic and alchemy.

Vaishnava traditions also employ a recitation of names of Narasimha and reading scriptures, notably the Bhagavata Purana aloud. According to Gita Mahatmya of Padma Purana, reading the 3rd, 7th and 9th chapter of Bhagavad Gita and mentally offering the result to departed persons helps them to get released from their ghostly situation.

Kirtan , continuous playing of mantras, keeping scriptures and holy pictures of the deities Shiva , Vishnu , Hanuman , Brahma , Shakti , etc. It is also mentioned in the Hanuman Chalisa. It is believed that just uttering the name of Lord Hanuman makes the evil forces and devils tremble, in fear.

The main puranic resource on ghost and death-related information is Garuda Purana. Specific verses from the Quran are recited, which glorify God e. In some cases, the adhan call for daily prayers is also read, as this has the effect of repelling non-angelic unseen beings or the jinn. A hadith recorded in Sahih al-Bukhari , states: "Seventy thousand people of my followers will enter Paradise without accounts, and they are those who do not practice Ar-Ruqya and do not see an evil omen in things, and put their trust in their Lord. Hence he said "and they put their trust in their Lord.

Josephus reports exorcisms performed by administering poisonous root extracts and others by making sacrifices. In more recent times, Rabbi Yehuda Fetaya authored the book Minchat Yahuda , which deals extensively with exorcism, his experience with possessed people, and other subjects of Jewish thought. The book is written in Hebrew and was translated into English. The Jewish exorcism ritual is performed by a rabbi who has mastered practical Kabbalah.

Also present is a minyan a group of ten adult males , who gather in a circle around the possessed person. The group recites Psalm 91 three times, and then the rabbi blows a shofar a ram's horn. The shofar is blown in a certain way, with various notes and tones, in effect to "shatter the body" so that the possessing force will be shaken loose.

After it has been shaken loose, the rabbi begins to communicate with it and ask it questions such as why it is possessing the body of the possessed. The minyan may pray for it and perform a ceremony for it in order to enable it to feel safe, and so that it can leave the person's body.

In Taoism , exorcisms are performed because an individual has been possessed by an evil spirit for one of two reasons. The individual has disturbed a ghost, regardless of intent, and the ghost now seeks revenge.

Evangelist Joshua

An alive person could also be jealous and uses black magic as revenge thereby conjuring a ghost to possess someone. Historically, Taoist exorcisms include chanting, physical movements, and praying as a way to drive away the spirit. Rituals such as these are considered of low order during these festivals. They are more for entertainment than a necessity during festivals. The leaders of the exorcisms create a dramatic performance to call out the demons so the village can once again have peace.

The leaders strike themselves with a sharp weapon so they bleed. Blood is considered to be a protector, so after the rituals, the blood is blotted with a tissue and put on the door of houses as an act of protection against evil spirits. When you tell such people that they need to divorce a spiritual marriage between them and spirit spouse, they will say God forbid.

To divorce the spirit spouse is one of the hardest things to do. A person may think that she has divorced, separated, and overcome the spirit husband through prayers and fasting, but yet the person is likely to be experiencing some of the signs of the marine spirit attacks.

In fact the only church that I recommend my online brethren to go for their deliverance is Mountain of Fire And Miracles Ministries. The spirit spouse — Know that they would never allow a man or woman ripe for marriage to have an earthly marriage or children. They can make a man to hate his own wife as if she is a total stranger.

The marine spirit will force some married men to dump their wives and started bringing strange into their marriages. This is against what the Bible says in Jeremiah Their powers are not only limited in marriage, they also attack the pocket of a man, disgrace a person, and put sorrow and seed of disappointment in their lives. Many times we pray against these things, we fast, we go for deliverance and yet it seems like they are still lurking around.

In that case, you need to divorce and overcome the spirit spouse with the word of God, which is the most powerful, burning, consuming, and sharpest sword you would ever need to cut them off your life. When you pray, use these scriptures:. You shall condemn. As you take the following prayers, keep your eyes stayed on Jesus. Devil may declare to you that your deliverance cannot manifest through these prayers.

Stay focused! Keep confessing the word until it breaks completely! A dry fasting. No water. No food until after 6pm each day when you break the fast. We work really hard to put a lot of efforts and resources in our content with original and highly quality articles.

Warfare prayer against the spirit of blockage and barriers

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Contact us through this link: admin evangelistjoshua. For 20 years I have been bound with chains of spirit husband and have been married fr three years but no child and. But after the prayer of overcoming spirit husband and following the scriptures backing it am delivered in Jesus name and I know my children are on the way in Jesus name. I am in dire need of you help Evangelist. I am struggling with a spirit husband that is constantly attacking me and as a result my marriage has crumbled.

I really need deliverance dear man of God. How can i reach you? I have been having constant sexual dreams no matter how i pray. My husband left me and we have a 6 months old baby. Then undergo deliverance there.. Through those prayers i felt like something was moving out of my body i felt burning so thank you and glory be to God in jesus name. I can feel this spiritual husband physically sleeping with me. It has been happening for years now. I need urgent delivarence. Dear I have struggled in life not knowing that the cause is the spiritual husband, too many diassapointments from men, financial breakdowns, murstabations, and many others..


Pliiiiiiz i need to be healed in Jesus name. Just pray ceaselessly. Make sure you stop the masturbations. Then commit more to church activities and never cease to pray very well before sleeping. Have a prayer plan for a month over the issue with fasting involved. You will have breakthrough. I went through the prayers and I by faith, I believe I have been delivered from any spirit wife. Man of God, please help me in prayers. Tell God that he should establish me under his feet and make me thirst for righteous living all the rest of my life.

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He should also convict me of unknown sins. I believe I am delivered today from every spiritual husband causing my marital blessing to delay in Jesus name. Man of God I really need deliverance I have been having dreams of sleeping with a man for almost all my life. I have been struggling to find a relationship until now I have met a wonderful man and we have a child together. Man of God help me before I lose the father of child. I want to get married and be free from this demons.

Man of God I have been struggling almost all my life not understanding what is wrong I have been having dreams of having sex in the dreams walking naked and about children. Man of God I need help. I have a man now and we have a child together. Ever since he met he ha been broke.

The spiritual husband is attacking him in his dreams. Man of God help me.

I have lost so much in my life. Buy on iBooks. As I read this I wept bitterly knowing this describes me to the letter. I have hurt so many people because of this evil spirit. I have no family who will trust me ever again and am completely alone. I know and am a living testimony to its sickening selfish and lying ways. Run from it while you can. Jesus is the only One who can help. God bless you for this site and the information on it.

This is the one that put an exclamation point on this for me. It actually has happened verbatum. Now, all of the rest is happening. I am absolutely blown away by this!!! My wife has left me, filed for divorce, and has moved in with a woman who has been after me for six years. She came into our lives, befriended my wife and is destroying the marriage. I am walking in this right now! So much of this is who she is. Now I know why the Lord has been helping me get all of paperwork together for our first hearing on March 26th.

Thank God for deliverance! I can think clearly no more brain fog. I no longer live in fear. Ruth- if you could reach out to me. I would love to know what happened to your friend. Thank you for sharing this — very insightful teaching. God bless you always sis x. God bless u immensely. Please dear, in every way possible, help me to get this book. Thank you very much for your post. It is insightful and well written.

It got me thinking about my own life and how I need to be careful not to allow myself to be an agent of the Jezebel spirit. God help us. I have a question on this one. When you talk about musical lyrics, are you referring to non-Christian artists or Christian artists? Personally, the life of many non-Christian artists, does not edify my spirit so I find it easy to gravitate away from their music because the lyrics and lifestyle go against my values most of the time.

However, when it comes to Christian musicians which I believe the spirit applies, how does one get to see what they do behind closed doors? Otherwise we might get obsessed by trying to figure out their private lives. We need to pray for the discernment because that is the best way possible. Or maybe that is what you are saying, that we need discernment first before we can go along with anyone, be it a musician or a speaker of the gospel.

Swedenborg’s Writings Online

Dephne Madyara. Search for:. Its Traits and Character This spirit especially hates men of God who are faithfully doing the work of God. She will come in that church to pollute it and quench the flow of the Holy Spirit.

How To Know You Have a Spiritual Husband or Wife? » Christian Truth Center

That church would need to be strong in prayer. If you are in ministry or you are anointed and not yet married it is very important that you walk in the gift of discernment because the devil will try and pair you up with a Jezebel partner to infiltrate your anointing, calling and influence. It will usually be someone who is knowingly or unknowingly involved in forms of witchcraft, in order to make sure that you quench the Holy Spirit. Remember, witchcraft is not always about spells, but it can find ground to operate through jealousy, pride, envy or hatred.

Jezebel hates men and women in authority who are over her position. Jezebel hates the Truth and those who speak it and seeks to destroy those who openly speak the Truth, especially if the Truth exposes her ugly ways and motives. A Jezebel spirit in a woman will not submit to a man, if she does it will only be in pretence in order to gain ground or favours; her submission is conditional.