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Participants will learn basics of MR physics, hardware and imaging sequences. Afterwards a hands-on session at the 7 Tesla MRI system will complete the seminar. Das Erwin L. Hahn Institut ist auch dieses Jahr wieder einer der Spielorte der Extraschicht am Juni Hahn Institut zu erfahren.

The development of ultrahigh field magnetic resonance UHF-MR is moving forward at an amazing speed that is breaking through technical barriers almost as fast as they appear. UHF-MR has become an engine for innovation in experimental and clinical research. With almost 40, MR examinations already performed at 7. The ELH is delighted to have continuously contributed to this research for the past 10 years. Please mark your calendars now for the 10 th Erwin L.

Hahn Lecture and Workshop on October, 5 th , We cordially invite you to attend this special event and celebrate 10 years of ultrahigh field MR research at the Erwin L. As you can find in detail in the flyer , the program will include 7 main talks of leading experts in the field of MRI and a poster session. Please feel free to circulate the invitation among colleagues potentially interested in this conference. On October 5 th , registration will open at am, talks will start at am.

The last talk is expected to finish at pm, afterwards there will be some time for discussion. Congratulations to Dr. Congratulations to Miriam Lagemaat and Eline Vos for their successful theses defenses!

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Arend Heerschap, Dr. Tom Scheenen und Dr. Eline Vos thesis is entitled " Magnetic resonance imaging of prostate cancer: assessment of aggressiveness and pre-clinical developments " and has been promoted by Prof. Jelle Barentz and Dr. Tom Scheenen. In order to gain a personal impression of the successful Dutch-German research collaboration, the Commissioners of the king of the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, Clemens Cornielje and Ank Bijleveld, visited the institute on November, 13th.

The visitors were deeply interested in the institute and the research activities. Highlight of the institute tour was the visit of the heart piece of the institute, the 7 Tesla MRI scanner. During the Erwin L. Beim 2. Welterbelauf auf Zollverein am Er belegte damit Platz 36 Platz 11 in seiner Altersklasse. Hervorzuheben sind zudem Bixia Chen, die mit Min. Platz, jedoch Platz 2! Platz 23 in der Gesamtwertung und Platz 6 in der Alterklasse belegte. It is a pleasure to announce that Yacine Noureddine's first paper entitled "Experience with magnetic resonance imaging of human subjects with passive implants and tattoos at 7 Tesla: a retrospective study", has just been accepted for publication in Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine MAGMA.

Starting from June, 20th the access to Erwin L. Bei etwa einem Drittel dieser Hochrasanz-Traumen lassen sich die schweren Hirnverletzungen jedoch bislang nicht nachweisen. Sie berichten davon im Fachmagazin Plos One. Ein neuer Ansatz gibt nun Hoffnung auf Klarheit. Untersucht wurden zehn Probanden mit bekannten Scherverletzungen im Alter von 20 bis 74 Jahren. Due to road works it may be impossible to reach the Erwin L. Hahn Institute via Heinrich- Imig- Street by Am Quick, der auch Direktor des Erwin L.

Ultra high field imaging makes extremely high-resolution images possible. But this is not the only advantage in comparison to 1. Nevertheless, it is only used in research so far. Lale Umutlu and Prof.

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Harald Quick want to change that. We would like to thank all the speakers, in particular Prof. Arend Heerschap for his great lecture on "MR spectroscopy: from insight to impact", who all made yesterday's Erwin L. Hahn Spectroscopy Workshop and the Erwin L. Hahn lecture a successful event full of interesting research results and scientific exchange.

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  • Also, we would like to thank all people in the background who organized the event and cared for a smooth course of registrations, talks, food and finally drinks. Hahn lecture Dr. Professor Arend Heerschap is well known for his work on both proton and carbon spectroscopy, and in particular for their use in oncology. Hahn Lecture will be held in conjunction with a complementary workshop examining the latest developments in in vivo spectroscopy and the applications of X-nuclei.

    You are warmly invited to attend this memorable meeting on October 8th.


    Jetzt ist es offiziell, wir haben eine neue Adresse: Kokereiallee 7. Being in charge of highfield and hybrid MR imaging, Quick shared his views on the status of and the imminent research into MRI systems operating at 7. Januar das Erwin L. Dabei konnten sie anhand kleiner Experimente das Magnetfeld sichtbar machen. To explore emotionality in human-robot interaction we conducted two studies. Participants reported to feel more negative watching the robot being abused.

    Violent interaction towards both, the robot and the human, resulted in similar neural activation patterns in classic limbic structures, indicating that they elicit similar emotional reactions. However, when comparing only the videos showing abusive behavior differences in neural activity suggest that participants show more negative empathetic concern for the human in the abuse condition. This was supported by similar findings with regard to participant's self-reported emotional states.

    The review article will be available online within the next 2 months, approximately. With more than 40 installed magnetic resonance MR systems worldwide operating at 7 Tesla or higher, ultra-high-field UHF imaging has been established as a platform for clinically oriented research in recent years. Along with technical developments that, in part, have also been successfully transferred to lower field strengths, MR imaging and spectroscopy at UHF have demonstrated capabilities and potentials for clinical diagnostics in a variety of studies.

    In terms of applications, this overview article focuses on already achieved advantages for in vivo imaging, i. Furthermore, new applications for clinical diagnostics such as X-nuclei imaging and spectroscopy, which only really become feasible at ultra-high magnetic fields, will be presented. The german research foundation DFG has recently approved funding of the research unit "Extinction Learning: behavioral, neural, and clinical mechanisms", encompassing workgroups at the Universities of Bochum, Duisburg-Essen, and Marburg.

    Extinction learning is a basic behavioral phenomenon in which an organism learns that two events which used to occur jointly have ceased doing so.

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    Unlike acquisition, i. Although extinction was first described more than years ago by Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, many aspects of this phenomenon are still poorly understood. This is unfortunate, given that theories on the development and treatment of psychiatric disorders in part rely on extinction - e. In the next three years, the research units expected to make significant contributions to our understanding of the neural and behavioral mechanisms of extinction learning.

    The scope of the projects within the unit ranges from basic research in animal models and humans to clinical applications in the treatment of phobias, enabling efficient transfer of insight gained from basic research to outpatients seeking treatment for anxiety disorders. Link zum Video auf WDR. The grant duration is three years. The goal of the GUFI network is to make the very expensive and highly complex UHF MR technology accessible to a larger number of researchers through organizational cooperation. On the technical level, the project involves the exchange of latest imaging protocols and in particular the development of new approaches to ensure common quality standards for image and spectral data, optimized for the challenges of UHF MR systems.

    These standards will assure that measurements can be conducted under ideal conditions and that measurements on different UHF MR systems can be compared. Am Mittwoch, Oktober besuchte Prof. Zusammen mit John B.

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    Mark E. Ladd was honored during the Erwin L. Hahn lecture for his outstanding service and contribution as founding director of the institute from till This time, the course will be held in Utrecht, December Eigentlich ist es nur eine Maschine, sagt uns der Verstand. Wenn Roboter misshandelt werden, leiden die Zuschauer mit.

    Mehr dazu hier:. Alumni-Newsletter Seite 5. Campus Report Seite Hahn Lecture will be held in conjunction with a workshop examining the latest developments in fMRI. This will provide a complementary programme to the 7th Erwin L. Ugurbil is renowned as one of the pioneers of high field human imaging, and his laboratory played a leading role in the discovery of fMRI. In more recent years he has played a leading role in the Human Connectome Project. Amongst other awards and recognitions he is a recipient of the Gold Medal of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

    Ob 7, 9. ORG for their study on brain correlations of human-robot interaction in contrast to human-human interactions. For further information, please observe the following reports:. Ladd, and Andreas K. International guests from Minnesota, Stanford, Brisbane, Marseille and Utrecht came to the ELH, to learn about theoretical and practical basics of the in-house developed technique TIAMO, with which a uniform excitation of the human torso is possible.

    Evaluation of intracranial aneurysms with 7 T versus 1. Epub Dec Hahn Lecture, Prof. Daniel Sodickson. Er forscht an der New York University. This October we will hold the 6th Erwin L. We are pleased to announce that this year's distinguished lecturer will be Professor Dan Sodickson of New York University. It is accessible free of charge. Take a look at www.

    Visitors are welcome to join talks and discussions with the scientists about the institute, research and MRI at 7T.

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    Come over - We are there for you from 6pm until midnight! Cooperating scientists from the Erwin L. The project will look at 'changes in glutamate and GABA measured with proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy at 7T in the brains of patients with type II diabetes treated with nasally administered insulin'. The scientists will soon investigate the modulations in the concentrations of the important metabolites glutamate and GABA resulting from the regular application of the nasal spray.

    This will be measured and correlated with changes in: neuropsychological performance; activation studies; and changes in resting state connectivity of the brain. The study will yield important insights into the mechanisms by which the insulin spray improves cognitive performance and the efficacy over a range of behavioural domains: this will lead in turn to an improvement in therapeutic treatment for T2D patients. Genau dies hat jetzt Prof. Within the next weeks three new students from the universities of Bochum and Gelsenkirchen will start their Bachelor theses regarding coil engineering, sequence development and image analysis.

    The rectorate of the University Duisburg-Essen hat granted Dr. Oliver Kraff research funds within the internal program for young academics. The funds will help Dr. Kraff to continue his work in radiofrequency coil engineering and to acquire further grants for future research projects. On December , the Erwin L. This work shows an improved suppression of the venous system in TOF MRA protocols with reduced SAR at 7 Tesla, enabling acquisition of high resolution angiograms in acceptable imaging time.

    The ELH institute is part of the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure, which conducts a series of proof-of-concept sudies and offers free access to European advanced biological and biomedical imaging facilities and cutting-edge imaging technologies. The ELH team congratulates Dr. The public defence was held at the Radboud University in Nijmegen on September 19th.

    In his dissertation, Dr. Koopmans has developed techniques to increase the spatial resolution of fMRI to such a level that cortical depth dependent signal changes can be distinguished. This allows new possibilities for cognitive neuroimaging. With the Gorter Award, the German Chapter honours the three best abstracts from young scientists in medicine and natural sciences working in the field of magnetic resonance imaging.

    To mark the occasion there will be a one-day symposium which will examine the current state of MR at 7T. The overriding question of the day will be: What justifies the investment in ultra-high-field MR? We have invited five internationally acknowledged experts in the field to give state-of-the-art talks about specific 7T advancements and potential constraints. The talks will highlight technical and fundamental research aspects as well as several applications of ultra-high-field MR in radiology and cognitive neuroscience. Following the talks, experts in the field of 7T MR will discuss the future benefits and risks related to investing in ultra-high-field MR.

    We hereby cordialy invite you to join us on the occasion of the 5 th Erwin L. Hahn Lecture, which will take place on October 12, and look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event. The course is part of the workshop series ' Lectures on Magnetic Resonance'. For more information and registration, please visit www. Toggle navigation Erwin L. Jun May Feb Additional information: here. Jan Open PhD position available! Oct Hahn Lecture - Register now!

    Jul Details on programme and registration soon. Apr The Annual Report can be downloaded here. Mar Dec What is MRI? Hahn Lecture: Program online now! Participants for MRI-study wanted! If you are interested, please contact Irati Markuerkiaga: irati. Aug The Annual Report is available here. Subjects for MRI-study wanted! You will not be exposed to harmful radiation or dangerous substances! New publication from the ELH strives to answer questions.

    On the Trail of Pain Processing: Dr.

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    Study 2… …is a neuroscientific study. You will receive all further information as well as the date and time by email. Obituary Erwin L. In memory of Erwin L. Make better use of your own possibilities Brain injuries often cause the loss of brain cells. Start now! The HeadApp has in comparison to many other cognitive training programs a very appealing design, which makes the exercises interesting, so that no boredom comes up.

    Due to the individually selectable degree of difficulty, the programs can be well adapted to the current performance of the patient, so that the training is neither too difficult nor too easy. Very practical is also the option to underlay the programs the optokinetic stimulation. So you can combine every training program with neglect therapy. Dear HeadApp team, first of all a 'thank you' for this great program. I'm as a non-affected person have my pleasure in the good clear presentation of the tasks too.

    For my husband we bought a tablet to use HeadApp, it's big enough and he can use HeadApp by tapping and wiping very well. From the middle of last year we treated my husband by the program, a recommendation of his neuropsychologist. My husband had a posterior infarction on the left, is completely mobile, but has amnesia, alexia, agnosia and hemianopia.


    Gisela S. Wife of a stroke victim. My name is Detlef E. I had a severe traumatic brain injury. My therapist recommended HeadApp to me and I'm thrilled! This is such a good therapy program, unimaginably good. It is great fun to train the brain, and you can see progress every day. I use HeadApp 3 times 45 minutes a day My short-term memory was improved, on mental math I'm better than before the accident, and the reaction time is also much better.

    Thanks for this great program! Detlef E. TBI patient, home user. This Website is using Cookies. When you continue to use the website, we assume your consent.